“The Meeting” — An Emerge Short Story for Newsletter Subscribers (Sign up below)

Dylan and Dax have been on their own since their parents died of Bad Sam, a deadly Ebola-like virus that went airborne four year ago and wiped out 99.9% of the United State’s population. While the two brothers have avoided being a part of any sort of community, Dax is injured and could die if they don’t find help.

Nina and Cricket have discovered a way to make life work in the tiny community of Boone Blackston. It’s not ideal, and sixteen-year-old Nina dreams of an adventure that hasn’t existed since the United States changed forever four years ago.

When Dylan meets Nina and her best friend Cricket in the forest, he knows that the girls’ help might be his brother’s only chance of survival. But what he finds in Nina is not at all what he had bargained for.

This is a short story set two years prior to the opening of Emerge. This can be read as a standalone prior to Emerge or after.

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