Protected in Darkness (An In Darkness Novella)

Four years ago, Charley Packstone was hopelessly stuck in a miserable life as the daughter of the ruffian running Kentucky’s deadliest outlaw motorcycle gang and the twin sister to the gang’s future leader.

As Kate Ward, she’s built a simple but lonely life for herself and her four-year-old daughter inside the Witness Protection Program.

Kate has rules—rules to keep her and her daughter hidden from the wrath of the motorcycle club that wants her dead. But one fateful night, she lets her guard down after meeting a handsome stranger—Navy Seal Colt Callaway—at a bar along the Virginia Beach boardwalk. And after a sexy one-night-stand, Colt resolves to penetrate the steep walls that protect Kate’s heart.

A dead rat left on Kate’s front porch the next morning sends a clear message: the biker gang she ratted out years ago has finally found her.

No matter how badly Colt believes he can save the troubled and beautiful woman he just met, Kate’s only choice is to grab her daughter and vanish under a fresh identity. But can she do it before someone close to her is killed? And can she truly say goodbye to Colt forever?

A Note from Heather:

Protected in Darkness is a special release novella — a standalone, spinoff story and sequel to Cut in DarknessProtected in Darkness is my answer to the many, many readers who have asked what happened to Charley Packstone after the end of Cut in Darkness. This story was originally released inside another author’s Kindle World. When rights reverted to me, I made the necessary changes to make this story 100% mine and the perfect addition to the In Darkness series. Sign up for the newsletter, and I’ll send you this story for free.

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