The Emerge Trilogy – The Complete Box Set

This is the complete box set of the Emerge series. Emerge, Uprising, and Renaissance have been compiled into one volume.

“Plagues and politics and romance, oh my! Dystopia meets science fiction in Emerge, the first book in a new series from popular YA author Heather Sunseri. …Truly, a well-crafted dystopian romance! Don’t miss this one!” – USA Today

When a deadly virus ravaged humanity, the wealthy and powerful erected a walled city to keep the disease, and everyone else, away. Now the disease is back and the only hope for a cure lies within the sole person to survive the virus, a young girl—Cricket—who fled the city six years ago.

Now, West must find Cricket, his best childhood friend who is now seventeen, before it’s too late. The problem? Cricket has no intention of being found.

Enjoy the journey of West and Cricket as they reject the power and authority of people who attempted to rebuild a country and search for a future in a broken world.

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