As I was preparing for Christmas—wrapping presents, making Chex mix and sugar cookies, and cleaning for guests—I decided I needed a new audio book to listen to while I completed chores.

Because I loved One True Loves by Taylor Jenkins Reid, I decided to give another of Reid’s books a try: After I Do. It was risky, I know!

One True Loves left me curled up in the fetal position and snot crying into my pillow, so I knew I was taking a risk by reading another of Reid’s novels while simultaneously emanating joy around the house for the Christmas holiday.

But while After I Do definitely stressed me out at times, I found it to be slightly more uplifting than One True Loves. That is not to say I enjoyed After I Do more, just that it left me with different emotions in the end.

After I Do was a story of a married couple who loves each other, yet found themselves in the not-so-unique position of fading love. And instead of giving up on love or each other, they make the bold decision to spend an entire year apart with absolutely no contact. That was the only rule: No contact. Other than that, there were no rules.

Can you even imagine?

The story sells itself, but in case you need more, I will tell you that Reid fills her novels with fabulous characters. I found myself not only rooting for the main characters, but also for the secondary characters. They all had goals and life problems they were working through, and I was vested in each of them. I loved Lauren’s brother, and her grandmother was absolutely delightful.

I guess I can officially say that I’m a Taylor Jenkins Reid fan, because I will definitely be going through her backlist in the near future. Do you have a favorite of hers?

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