If you’ve been following me for long enough, especially on social media, you know that I have a golden retriever, Jenny, that I love dearly. I mostly post pics and stories about her on Instagram and Facebook, like this one and this one.

Well, my sweet golden, Jenny, is going blind. In fact, she is close to 100% blind, I’m afraid. I’m pretty sure she can see light and shapes, but for the most part she is finding her way by using memory, long-formed habits, her sense of smell, and commands from Mike and me.

Like yesterday, despite slowing way down in recent months, she managed to make the distance to her favorite spot in our neighborhood, the treat box.

Jenny the Golden treat box walk

Her energy and determination to get to that box, even though she knows we have treats at our house, illustrates just how important habits formed over the long haul can be useful.

When you form that kind of habit, you no longer even have to think about it, you just go on autopilot. That can be useful when it comes to forming good habits for your health, or even habits for your productivity.


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