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Question from Lauren: Have you ever started a book that you couldn’t finish? Whether it be because of content and something?

Thank you, Lauren, for replying to last week’s The Weekly Thrill with this question. Honestly, I’ve never understood people who make it a rule to finish every book they begin. I mean, I guess I understand giving each book that you purchase or pick up the recognition it deserves. Someone put their heart and soul into that book. Or did they? I guess it’s possible that the author didn’t put their heart and soul into the writing of a book they put out into the world, which could be the problem.

Either way, not every book is written for every reader. Even if the initial description or cover pulls you in, you are not obligated to love the whole book.

And for me? Life is WAY too short to spend time on a book that isn’t holding my interest, for whatever reason. Aren’t we all too busy for that? Isn’t it better to KonMari that book? Thank the book for its existence, but admit it wasn’t bringing you joy? Maybe even pass it along to someone else who might enjoy it, or donate it to the library.

I’ve set books aside for many reasons. Here are my top 3:

  1. The book didn’t hook me. Maybe the concept initially drew me to the story, but for whatever reason, the book itself didn’t keep me interested.
  2. Bad timing. Sometimes you think you’re ready for a book you know will be great, but when you pick it up, you just can’t get into it. That happened to me when I started reading The Giver of Stars. I had to step away from it for a while. When I came back to it, The Giver of Stars became one of my favorite books I read that year.
  3. It was just a really bad book. Bye!

However, I don’t have to set books aside often, because I usually read enough about a book before I decide on it to know it’s one I should enjoy.  My tips for finding books you enjoy:

  1. Listen to people who have recommended books you’ve liked in the past.
  2. Follow authors you love on BookBub, and pay attention to what they’re reading. (Warning: Make sure the authors you’re following recommend books they’re actually reading. This isn’t always the case.)
  3. Follow readers on BookBub who read books you’ve also enjoyed.

Feel free to offer more suggestions in the comments below on how you find books to read. Or tell us what makes you stop reading a book?


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