A friend of mine posted this on Facebook. If I can find the link on where to purchase it, I will come back and add it. 🙂 I definitely need this t-shirt!

What does it mean when a year is marked with symbols like toilet paper and syringes?

It means you have to work harder for the good. And you have to let the “good” squash out the shit.

I’m pretty sure that’s my new mantra for writing and editing a book. Hell, I think it’s my mantra for everything in life going forward. I see it as a 2021 take on the dichotomy of good vs. evil.

Confession time…

Secret is in the Bones almost didn’t happen this year.

I had a cover for it. I had the idea. Characters were created in a previous book (Death is in the Details). All I had to do was write it.

Easy, right?

Absolutely not. Not for me anyway. This book was truly a labor of love — love for “having written,” love for not letting a great cover go to waste, and love for readers who needed an escape from a year that has been marked by toilet paper and shit syringes.

And while the love mentioned above motivated me, labor was the more significant word in that sentence. I truly had to work for the book that Secret is in the Bones became.

The lesson I learned this past year? With enough hard work, good can squash out the shit. Looking at everything that’s happened the past 12 months. There are definitely some people making headlines this week that lived by that mantra. They just didn’t say it out loud.

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