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Time to start anew by adding Death is in the Details to Kindle Unlimited

It’s Monday, and I’ve decided to try something new.

Diets start on Mondays. New exercise routines start on Mondays. I’ll go as far as to say people start most new habits on Mondays.

So, today seemed like a good day to tell you that I’ve made Death is in the Details available inside Kindle Unlimited.

Why Put Death is in the Details inside Kindle Unlimited Now?

Death is in the Details released almost three months ago. It was a solid release month. The book has received fabulous reviews. I’m proud of the book.

But sales have slowed. I have advertised. I have invested in a great cover and compelling ad copy. But sales are trickling in, and I want to give this book more exposure.

As I write this (August 2019), every borrow inside KU counts as a full sale. It doesn’t make sense, but it’s true. Even though a KU subscription is $10 a month, and subscribers feel they get unlimited free books, every time they borrow a book, a “sale” is made for that author. And “sales” help a book in the Amazon algorithms and with how visible a book is inside the Amazon store. It’s clearly beneficial to the author with a book enrolled in KU.

While I’m furiously working on another standalone book set in Paynes Creek to come after Death is in the Details, I want DiitD to gain visibility now. That is why I’m playing the Amazon game.

How Do Authors Get Paid for Books Enrolled in Kindle Unlimited?

This question was asked inside the Sunserious Readers Facebook Group last week.

If a reader borrows a book from KU, authors are paid based on pages read in that book. Typically, the amount paid is less than what they would be paid if someone purchased the book, which is unfortunate. Amazon has made this intentionally complicated. The more pages in the book and read by the reader, the more an author is paid.

Will I Be Enrolling Other Books in Kindle Unlimited?

Possibly. I’m still debating and weighing my options. This is certainly a business decision, and not one I take lightly. And it’s not one I’m thrilled to be making, but at the same time, I felt I had to.

Amazon requires that authors be exclusive for 90 days with an ebook enrolled in their program. (That part leaves a bad taste in my mouth.) This means that an ebook enrolled in KU will not be available at other retailers or on my site for at least 90 days. This is why the book was available wide initially so that my readers had ample opportunity to purchase DiitD from another retailer. Now, readers may purchase DiitD on Amazon, borrow DiitD with their KU subscription, or purchase the paperback from Amazon or Barnes & Noble in regular and large print.

I promise I am in no way trying to shut readers on other retailers out of reading my books. This decision was a difficult one, but one I felt necessary to the success of a book that I’m so very proud of.

If this book is received well inside KU, it is very likely that I will move other books into the program.

Will I Enroll Future New Releases in Kindle Unlimited?

I haven’t quite figured out my future plan. But I will make sure that readers who wish to purchase an ebook to read on a platform other than the Kindle or Amazon app will have a way to do so before enrolling that book in Kindle Unlimited. If this is you, make sure you are signed up to my newsletter so that you don’t miss the announcements of new releases and the ways to purchase my books outside of Kindle Unlimited.

Will Death is in the Details Remain in Kindle Unlimited Forever?

Almost nothing is forever. This won’t last forever either. I own almost all of the rights to all of my books. I decide when and how they are to be sold. My #1 goal with every book is to put that book into as many hands and in front of as many eyes as possible. If sales and borrows have dwindled after this 90-day period, I will take DiitD out of KU and publish it on every retailer again. We’ll just have to see.

What Questions Do You Have?

This was a tough decision for me to make. Let me know in the comments what questions you have. Or tell me: do you read on Kindle Unlimited? Are you an author who struggles with this decision?


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