The #1 question I’m asked as a writer is “How do you come up with your ideas?”

Answer: How much time do you have?”

Seriously, ideas come from everywhere! They come from watching movies, reading other books, sitting in church, people watching in a hospital waiting room, people watching in an airport, riding on the subway, reading the newspaper, watching an argument break out in a local community group on Facebook, dining out at restaurants, visiting small towns, touring large cities… I think you get the point.

They also come from wandering through art museums like Musée d’Orsay in Paris and the jewelry department of Harrods in London. In the summer of 2017, I found myself falling in love not only with art that was centuries old, but with the architecture of Paris and the cobblestone streets of London. Being a suspense author, I began imagining chases through the London Tube stations and wondering how thieves pull off important heists.

Musée d’Orsay Paris, Copyright 2017 Heather Sunseri

Sitting at a small bistro table on a sidewalk outside a Paris café, sipping wine and breathing in second-hand smoke, I began to daydream about what I would write next. I knew I wanted to write a series for Dimitri (secondary character from the In Darkness series). I also knew I didn’t want this to be a typical spinoff series. Dimitri’s story would be nothing like Declan’s.

Also, Dimitri wouldn’t fall for just any woman. She had to be unique. She had to be strong, dynamic, but imperfect. Dimitri needs to be needed, but not in an obvious way.

It was during these daydreaming sessions in Paris and London that Lola Parks was born. Lola is a thief. Not just any thief, but a master thief capable of slipping in and out of impossible situations undetected. She is highly skilled and paid to obtain beautiful jewels and art.

But when Lola is sent to lift a ring directly from the hand of its owner at a posh London soirée, the job goes terribly wrong and a woman ends up dead. When Dimitri is ordered to find the thief responsible for the horrific assault, he meets the exquisite and sexy Lola, and he quickly realizes: Lola may be a clever thief, but she’s no murderer.

When it becomes clear that the killer didn’t get what he came for, he sets his sight on Lola, and Dimitri finds himself desiring to win Lola’s trust while saving her life.

A Thief Revealed releases today! Find out what happens when Dimitri is faced with turning over Lola to the authorities for a crime he’s not sure she committed or saving her life from a ruthless killer.






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