I have bad news and good news this fine Tuesday morning.

Bad News: I do not have a chapter of A Crimson Homecoming for you today. I’m very sorry about that, but I simply had to reprioritize my writing tasks this past week, and I ran out of time to write a new chapter for A Crimson Homecoming because I was finishing A Thief Revealed.

Good News: I have a fabulous cover and blurb reveal to share, and I would love it if you would click the share buttons to the left or below the post and share this reveal on social media!

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Because of a single careless mistake as a troubled teenager, Lola Parks is forced into a life as a thief. However, her victims—the corrupt and greedy upper crust of European society—hardly warrant sympathy.

Eleven years after that fateful mistake, her life hopelessly tethered to her “handler,” Lola lifts a diamond worth £2.6 million from the finger of a young socialite while at a posh London soirée and inadvertently steps into the midst of a much larger crime. When the target winds up dead, the murderers’ mission becomes finding the diamond, leaving Lola to seek protection from an unlikely source—the man tracking the girl’s killer.

Dimitri Tobias is tasked with finding the thug responsible for murdering his client’s daughter while stealing a priceless diamond. But when Dimitri meets the exquisite and sexy Lola Parks, he quickly realizes: Lola may be a clever thief, but she’s no killer. When Dimitri discovers what evil force is behind the murder, he becomes torn between capturing a thief, saving a thief, and falling in love with a thief.





I hope you are excited to read the first book in a brand new series coming your way this August 9, 2018. A Thief Revealed is as suspenseful as the In Darkness series, but the intrigue, the international setting, and the mysterious characters of Lola Parks and Dimitri Tobias set this series completely apart from anything you’ve read recently. I will take you inside the aristocratic world of high society London, and show you how a woman happened into a risky profession of pulling off art and jewel heists worth hundreds of millions of British pounds, while capturing the attention of Interpol, the Metropolitan Police in London, and Dimitri Tobias.

While A Thief Revealed is only currently available at iBooks for Preorder, it will be available everywhere in the near future. Sign up to receive the monthly newsletter and any new release notifications by CLICKING HERE, and I will email you when A Thief Revealed is available everywhere, including Amazon.

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