Happy Friday, readers!

Hope everyone is excited for a fabulous weekend. The sun is finally shining here! I have no idea how l long it will last, but I’m going to enjoy it while I can.

Thought I would pop on today and tell you a few of my favorite things this week.

1) Lil’s Coffee House (Photo by Kurt Becker)

Lil’s is a lovely coffee house in Paris, KY that I’ve featured in A Crimson Homecoming serial that is now being written on this website. I, of course, have fictionalized the lovely town of Paris into Payne’s Creek, and I fictionalized the coffee house into a coffee house and diner called Bryn’s. However, if you ever find yourself in Kentucky, you should stop by Lil’s for a sandwich and some pie.

If you haven’t started reading this small town romantic suspense, you can check out Part I HERE. It’s a fun, interactive story where readers get to tell me what they want to happen next. Readers are loving it!!

2) BeLive.com

I tried out this software yesterday when I went live on Facebook, and it made going live so easy. Of course, I made a HUGE mistake, but that wasn’t BeLive.com’s fault. I didn’t realize I needed to “End Broadcast” twice in order for it to end. This resulted in the longest, most awkward five minutes of all of our lives as we watch me stare at my computer long after I thought I had signed off from the live video. I’m just thankful I didn’t pick my nose or something else terribly embarrassing. At least, I don’t think I did. I didn’t actually watch the five minutes. I even bored myself.

Beyond the mistake of not ending the live video, I did enjoy talking live with readers and answering a few questions, like: What book is coming next? I even announced the title. Will there be another Mindspeak book? And I talked about the voting that’s taking place at the end of Part II of A Crimson Homecoming. You can watch the replay below.

3) Nora Roberts

You ALL know that I love Nora Roberts’ books. This week, I’ve been catching up on a couple of Nora’s early books. Not sure why, other than I hadn’t read either of these, and Nora usually delivers the exact kind of read I need when I’m writing first drafts. Both of these books featured haunted houses, which was pure coincidence. The Return of Race MacKade and Midnight Bayou were both very enjoyable reads.

That’s it for this Friday! Let me know in the comments what you’re reading these days or what questions you’d like answered in future live videos!

Happy Friday!



P.S. If you haven’t voted for what you hope happens next in A Crimson Homecoming, you have until the end of the day today.


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