So… my reader group, Sunserious Readers, has been on Facebook for years. It is an intimate group of readers. People are invited to join after they sign up for the reader newsletter. The only question readers are asked when joining is: “What’s your favorite Heather Sunseri book?”

Inside Sunserious Readers, we discuss the books we’re reading, the highlights of our day, emotional support peacocks, and other things like ‘Lady Doritos’. Also, I keep Sunserious Readers updated on what’s going on in my writing world, sometimes giving this intimate group of readers an early peek inside the latest book I’m writing or an early look at the newest book cover.

Lately, I’ve been seeing so many posts on Facebook from authors and others moaning about the latest changes in Facebook. This is not the first time this has happened, either. Authors and owners of other business pages on Facebook have known for years that they can’t truly reach the people who have “liked” their page. They know that in order to reach those “like” people, they have to boost the posts or take out Facebook ads. In other words, authors are having to pay to reach people who want to hear from them.

I realize that Facebook just wants to make money like other businesses. And I’m fine with paying for advertising to reach new readers, or to let everyone know I have a new book out. But do I really have to pay to reach the people who have liked my page or signed up to be a part of my reader group, just to say: “Good morning. How’s everyone’s day going?” Or: “Did you see all the commotion about ‘Lady Doritos’ on Twitter yesterday?”

For now, Sunserious Readers is still on Facebook, and we’ll continue that way, but I’m running a business here. And like all of you, I’m busy trying to work and get things done during the day. Facebook is an outlet where many of us take a water cooler break. If Facebook is going to continue to make those breaks unpleasant, costly, and too difficult, I’m a fan of moving the water cooler.

Oh, and look! I have a lovely water cooler right here. I can even email people when something new is happening at the water cooler. And I promise, promise, PROMISE that there will never be advertisements in the middle of my posts drawing you away from what you actually came to the water cooler for.

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Tell me: What are your thoughts about Facebook these days? Do you think the platform is changing? Or maybe you don’t think you want the hassle of clicking off of Facebook to read and discuss on someone’s website? I would really love to hear thoughts on this matter.

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