Happy Friday!

In case you missed the announcement earlier this week, Desired in Darkness is already live on iBooks!!

I’m already starting to see early reviews about Desired, and I couldn’t be more pleased and excited for EVERYONE to download this story.



In other news, I got a private message from a reader who mentioned how terrified she was that a drug that is used by Romeo inside Desired in Darkness might actually exist. Let me assure you, my friends, the drug that is mentioned in Desired in Darkness – scopolamine – does in fact exist. I did enough research to feel very comfortable that this drug is a frightening substance, and that criminals in Columbia have used this drug to rob people blind.

Is this drug on the streets of America? Maybe not. But I did read one article that suggested it was used in Paris, France. Many journalists have argued that the stories surrounding scopolamine were urban legend and that there was no real data to back up the stories. But guess what? I’m not a journalist. My job is not to prove anything beyond a shadow of a doubt. My job is to make you think and question. My job is to entertain and scare you. And if you’re not terrified of the substances (scopolamine and borracheromine) I describe in Desired in Darkness, I didn’t do my job well. (I think I did my job well! 🙂 I think you’ll be terrified the next time someone walks up to you on the street and blows a powder in your face.)

I hope you’re getting excited about Desired in Darkness! It would make my 2018 if you got so excited that you shared the release of Desired in Darkness (the whole series, actually) with your friends!

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!! Watch for your copy of Desired in Darkness to hit your eReaders sometime Sunday night, unless you already received it from iBooks.


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