I’m often asked about my writing routine or what a day in my life looks like.
I’ve come to realize that I don’t have a typical routine, and every single day is different from the last. Part of that is because I’m an indie author who does so much more than the actual writing of the books. I format, I manage cover design, I market, I talk with readers on social media, I schedule promotions, I manage an online store, I blog, and on and on.
Another reason that I’m not consistent with a routine is that I have two very busy children. And even with one of them away at college, I stay very busy as a mother.
One of the most difficult parts of working at home is having the discipline to prioritize the tasks that are most important and completing those tasks first and during your most productive time of the day, and leaving the important but not as important tasks to do after.
My Top 3 Pieces of Advice for being a Productive Writer
  1. Write first. Save everything else for after.
  2. Schedule your writing time like you do your most important appointments. Short of unfortunate emergencies, don’t allow anyone to interrupt that scheduled time.
  3. Don’t wait for inspiration to hit. If you’re not feeling the story, write anyway. You might have to throw some words out, but more often than not, you’ll write yourself into being inspired.


Do you work at home? Or are you a writer or creative? What advice can you add to this?



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