Helllooooo! I turned in Desired in Darkness to the Editor Extraordinaire last week. So you know what that means? It’s time for some year-end planning, Christmas shopping, birthday shopping for Thing #2, Christmas celebrating, Netflix watching, house cleaning, exercising, computer organizing, tax planning, and all the other stuff I put off while trying to finish Desired in Darkness. This deadline was brutal!

See what I did there? I’ve mentioned Desired in Darkness three times because I am so freaking excited that this book is off to the editor, making it one more step closer to your hands. You should go preorder Desired in Darkness now. (That’s four! I’m just so excited!) But that’s not what this post is about…

This post is about goal setting and blogging… I’ve started my planning process for 2018. I have a lot to be excited about for 2018 (big book announcement going out to newsletter subscribers soon), but I’m also eager for change.

Change is a scary thing for some people. There are people who suffer severe anxiety over the mere prospect that life might change. Me? I’m actually one of those really strange people who embraces change.

I’ve always enjoyed packing up everything I own and moving.

I never minded changing jobs; I actually kind of liked it.

Change can mean a do over. A clean slate. A chance to try something new. An opportunity to explore exciting opportunities.

Change is when you advance careers and meet new people.

Change can be the reason you find the extraordinary in the ordinary.

And I’m always looking for the extraordinary.

I write fiction for a living. I love it, and I hope to continue writing fiction forever. However, I enjoy a lot of other things in life at the same time. Right now, I’m enjoying giving our house a slow-going makeover. (The picture above from Instagram is a tiny peak into our kitchen remodel. And while I love so many aspects of that photo — new faucet, new sink, new tile, miniature Christmas tree — I see imperfections in that photo that you don’t. For example, in order to install the new sink and faucet, my husband and I had to use a crowbar to pry off the window ledge. Then, I had the cabinet guys install new molding around the window, and that molding is still not painted. But whatever, the twinkle lights made the window look perfect, IMO.)

So what’s my point?

While I love what I do for a living, I also love trying new things. I love seeing new places. And I love to mix things up.

When I left my corporate job where I had gotten used to sitting in a cubicle (and later, an office high up in the sky with a beautiful view), the thing I was most excited about was to not sit at a desk all day every day. I wanted to enjoy life more, which sounds romantic while impractical for most of us, doesn’t it? Fast forward a few years, and what have I been doing lately? Sitting at a desk, working day in and day out. I love my desk. I love working from home. And I love what I do. But I want more. I need change!

I’ve always been a big believer that when life isn’t going how you expected or wanted it to go, you shift. Tweak your goals, change up your schedule, do something to shift life in a different direction.

Again, I love writing fiction. That’s not changing. But I am going to change how I spend some of my time. And I hope to take you along on my journey. Maybe you’re looking to make a shift, too.

“What does this even mean?” I hear you asking.

It means you’re going to see a lot more of me on this blog.

It also means I hope to see a lot more of you on this blog. I want to get to know you. I’m hoping you’ll stop by and say hello and join in the conversations. And while I know starting something new is always difficult, I think this might be fun.

It will be like Facebook, only so much better.

Let’s get the conversation started with a simple question: Do you embrace change? Or do you prefer to hide under the covers anytime someone suggests change?

P.S. One rule on this blog: There are no wrong answers or opinions.

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