This is not my kitchen, but isn’t that wine fridge the coolest?

I’m Getting Granite Today!

So I’m sitting here waiting for the granite installers to arrive. The plumber has come and gone. Did y’all know that the plumber has to come and unhook your faucet, sink, and disposal before the granite people come and set your new sink? And then, did you know that you have to wait twenty-four hours before you have the plumber come back out to install the new faucet, drains (that match the faucet, in my case), and disposal?

These are the types of things you learn when you redo your kitchen — things that seem common sensical on the surface, but if you’ve never really thought about it or gone through the motions, you simply don’t know. We all need friends to tell us these things. (You’re welcome.)

My husband and I purchased our current house more than sixteen years ago, and we knew at the time of the purchase that we needed to update the kitchen. But nothing was really broken, so we kept putting it off. Then we got busy with soccer seasons, tennis, traveling in the summers, changing careers, and other life-like things that take time away from home renovations. Not to mention the cost!! Whew! The cost is crazy! Every little thing adds up.

But when our microwave broke (shortly after the washer AND dryer broke, which I realize have nothing to do with the kitchen) we got to looking at replacing the microwave, and then we noticed the matching stoves/ranges and the refrigerators, and they were so unbelievably shiny and new. They make appliances shiny with fancy lights for a reason you guys!!

You know how diamonds sparkle so much more under the jewelry store lighting? There’s a reason for that, and it’s called M-O-N-E-Y!

Anyway, so my husband and I sat around and debated the appliances and the fact that three of ours had died in a very short amount of time, and how the rest of the appliances were just as old and wrinkly, and that it was just a matter of time before they, too, crashed and burned. So we decided that the other appliances needed replacing, as well.

Then we talked about our laminate countertops (that were white, minus a few… hundred… stains) and how completely embarrassed they would be when the shiny new appliances entered the house, showing off in all their shininess. That’s when we decided new countertops were in order.

But what kind? Holy cow, you guys! Did you know how many kinds of countertops there are out there now? It is so, SO overwhelming. And everyone has an opinion about what countertop material is the best.

And everyone knows that if you get new fancy countertops, you have to purchase a new sink. And if you thought everyone had an opinion about countertops? Just try asking your friends about their kitchen sink preferences. I did this on Facebook, and I’m pretty sure it’s my most popular post on Facebook EVER!

Moving on… When you purchase a new sink you have to purchase a new faucet. And if you’re getting new appliances, new countertops, a new sink and faucet, then you’re pretty much obligated to get a new tile backsplash. You knew all this, right? It’s a crazy industry, the kitchen remodel industry. And they draw you in with their fancy pictures on Pinterest and Houzz (Do you know about Houzz?) and with their shiny fixtures and bright lights.

Anyway… I’m getting granite installed today. The kitchen remodel that started with a broken microwave is slowly marching forward. I thought it would be fun to break it all down here for you. While I’m no expert at remodels, everyone needs a friend to help them when it comes time to research countertops or decide if you should replace your cabinets or have someone paint them. We’re friends, right? Friends offer guidance in times like this.

So, be sure to follow along for remodel updates (You can watch Instagram or Facebook for updates, or subscribe to this blog – see the sidebar). And, of course, watch for the before and after pictures that will be along in a future blogpost. We’re just getting started with this remodel, though, so be patient. We’ve got many questions to answer before we get to the “After” pics. Like why did I ultimately choose granite over a manmade quartz? Or what sink did I end up choosing? Did I replace the cabinets or pretty up the old ones?

Also, I’m going to need your help. (Remember how we’re friends? I’m going to need my friends’ opinion on some things. Like what dishes to purchase. That debate is coming in a future blog post.) I’m doing a lot of purging and replacing of things around the house. And everything will be done as economically as possible, so this ought to be tons of fun!

I did tell you, right? Patience is also required for all home renovation projects. Have you taken on any big renovation projects? I’m pretty sure I’m the only one who has never taken on a major kitchen renovation. I’d love to hear your stories in the comments!

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