Hi, everyone! Happy Saturday!

I returned last week from a crazy fast trip through France and England. Well, mostly, we went to Paris and London, but we did visit Versailles, and we took the Eurostar (aka the Chunnel) from Paris to London and back, so we saw a bit of the countryside before and after we traveled beneath the English Channel. (Yes, the Chunnel is as cool as it sounds. It took us a little over 2 hours to get from Paris to London. And it was so smooth!)

I plan to post the many pictures we took on our journeys in a portfolio on the website in the coming weeks in case you’re interested in those, and I hope to blog about a few of our experiences that I think you might find interesting. So, stay tuned…

But first, let’s talk about the latest news and goings on in the world of authordom.

First… Covered in Darkness is live on Barnes & Noble. The lovely people over at Barnes & Noble spoke with me about releasing Covered to Nook readers a couple of weeks early, and I jumped at the chance to maybe gain some exposure to Nook readers that I wouldn’t otherwise get. You don’t have to own a Nook to read Covered early. You can download the free Nook app on any smart device or computer.

For those of you who simply choose not to read on a Nook, that’s totally okay. Covered in Darkness is releasing in just over a week on all platforms! That’s not long at all!! I’m so excited!!

Second… Speaking of the Covered in Darkness launch… I’ve got some amazing surprises coming your way! How about a week (5 days) of giveaways? I’ve got some amazing prizes set aside for the Covered launch week. I’ve got a brand new Kindle Fire to give away, and I just might put my entire library of books on it before I send it to the winner. I’ve got some gift cards to hand out. And I’ve got signed paperbacks of any book you want. So, starting August 1, come back to the blog to look for details.

Third… You know how when you read a book, and even when it has a fabulous and satisfying ending, but you still want more? Well, you’re not going to have to wait long for the next book in the In Darkness series. Shot in Darkness (an action-packed novella) is complete and ready to release twenty-eight days after Covered in Darkness.

I think three things is enough for today. But how about a Q&A? If you have any questions — anything at all — about the books releasing, what’s coming next, what I had for breakfast… Ask away in the comments. I’ll check in throughout the day and later tonight to answer everything.

Hope you have an amazing Saturday!

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