Greetings from Kentucky, where the sun is finally out! Despite the beautiful weather, I’ve got my butt in the chair as I try to finish Covered in Darkness, the third book in the In Darkness series.

But I thought I would take a break and let you in on some of the amazing news you might have missed this week.

1. Cut in Darkness released this week, and so far, readers are loving it!

“Brooke is so bad-assed!”

“Plenty of action, suspense, and romance.”

“Won’t be able to put this one down.”

“You’ll read it twice!”

“Can be read as a standalone, but you really shouldn’t.”

Order your copy in the following places:




2. The second awesome thing that happened this week was that USA Today interviewed me about many things, including my writing process, my pets who assist me with writing, and where I come up with my ideas for the In Darkness series. Read the interview HERE.

3. Then, this amazing thing happened… USA Today also posted a review of Cut in Darkness. The lovely and amazing Serena Chase read and reviewed Cut. You can read it HERE.

“Combining a Southern small-town feel with big-city issues of organized crime, federal law enforcement and political scandal, author Heather Sunseri creates a tapestry of intrigue and tension.” ~ Serena Chase of USA Today’s Happy Ever After blog.

4. Emerge series is now on audio!!!!

Who likes audio books? I know I do. Well, this is AMAZING news! Emerge is now on audio. The narrators telling Cricket’s and West’s stories are FABULOUS!! You can listen to a sample and check them out HERE. All three books released from Audible this week.

5. When I announced the audio versions of Emerge this week, someone asked me when the In Darkness series would be available on audio, and I realized I had failed to do a good job of promoting the fact that the In Darkness series IS ALREADY ON AUDIO!!!! And let me tell you: I LOVE LOVE LOVE the audio version of this series, because I love narrator Emily Sutton Smith SO SO SO much. She does an incredible job of telling Brooke’s story. And Alan Smyth narrates Declan, and makes me fall in love with Declan all over again with his smooth, Irish accent. You can check out the audible version HERE. Or if you prefer iTunes or Downpour, click HERE.

◊ ◊ ◊

That’s it for this week! But tomorrow starts a new week, so stay tuned…

Have a good weekend and happy reading! Tell me in the comments what you’re reading these days and why you love it!

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