One man’s obsession rose from another’s

thirst for revenge. Both resulted in murder.




Death is in the Details is a chilling standalone thriller novel. If you like small-town mysteries, psychological thrillers, and spine-tingling twists, then you’ll love Heather Sunseri’s latest page-turning tale. Buy Death is in the Details to watch a victim bring a killer to justice today! READ TODAY


Just days before the running of the biggest thoroughbred horse race in the world, an act of bioterrorism kills Kentucky’s lieutenant governor, and former FBI Special Agent Brooke Fairfax heads to Kentucky to stop the threat. DOWNLOAD NOW


“There was never a perfect time to steal a piece of jewelry off someone’s finger, but tonight seemed as good a night as any. And I had the ring in my sight.” The INTERNATIONAL THIEF Series offers a look into high-society Europe and how one woman is forced to steal priceless art and valuable jewels. The series is action-packed, heart pounding adventure, and both the romance and the suspense will keep you up late at night.  AVAILABLE NOW


A Memoir Recommendation I’ve Unfortunately Not Read Yet: Hermit

I stumbled across a memoir I'd like to read, Hermit. The problem? It's only available in the UK currently. So I'm adding it to my wishlist (meaning: I'm telling you about it so that I'll remember to read it later when it's available to me). Jade Angeles Fitton wrote...

Walking as a Religion?

Sometimes I stumble upon things that interest me as I'm reading something else that caught my eye. Often times, I trip over these items of intrigue by reading Austin Kleon's blog and newsletter, something I like to catch up on during my Saturday morning coffee. For...

The Worrier’s Guide to the End of the World by Torre DeRoche

If you asked me my favorite genre of book to pick up at any given moment, I would probably tell you travel memoirs. I like personal memoirs in general, but I particularly love a good travel adventure where the author gives us an insight into their mental journey as...

The Inconvenience of Deleting Characters, Plot Points

Whoa, it's been a tough, busy spring. But I won't bore you with the nasty little details of life (and by nasty little, I actually mean big). You can read about pieces of it here and here. Believe it or not, those stories only scratches the surface. What I want to tell...

Your Funeral Is Not About Your Death; It’s About How You Lived

Photo by panyawat auitpol on UnsplashI attended a funeral this week that was executed perfectly by the loved ones of the recently departed. It was absolutely beautiful—the visitations, the funeral church service, the gathering after the funeral. Everything about it...

Goodbye, Sweet Jenny

It’s taken me a full week to sit at my computer and put into words how I’m feeling about letting go of my sweet golden, Jenny. She was a part of our lives for more than thirteen years, so we believe she was nearing fifteen years old, seeing as she was approximately 1...

You Can Quit (and why I quit Kentucky Fried Homicide)

I don’t know who needs to hear this today, but it’s okay to quit. Just let go of that thing—that obligation, that activity, that job, that relationship, that creative endeavor—that is no longer adding value to your life. Or worse, is taking away value. Just walk away....

Never One to Make Resolutions, but Setting Goals? I’m On Board With

Happy New Year! 🥳 I hope you woke this morning feeling excited and ready for a new year. If you woke with a champagne- or bourbon-induced hangover (like one person I know) that carried throughout the day, then I apologize for the upbeat tone of this newsletter. If...

Preparing for Another New Beginning

There is no wrong way to spend Dead Week. Here’s what I’m doing.

Reading: After I Do by Taylor Jenkins Reid

I adore Taylor Jenkins Reid’s style of writing. And the audio book was superb! Read all of my thoughts about After I Do.

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