It’s Never Too Late

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So many people (SO MANY) tell me that they don’t see how I’ve found the time to write a book. Others who have managed to write tell me that they could never take the time it requires to publish and market a book.

I hear people say, “I would have liked to do what you’re doing…

“…if things had been different.”

“…if I had the time.”

“…if I had the money to pay for editors, cover design, etc.”

“…if wasn’t still raising children.”

“…if my children weren’t so busy.”

“…if I didn’t have another job that I was tied to.”

Still Time


People who say these things to me obviously don’t know me very well. I believe wholeheartedly in the following:

1. I believe that only you can change the path you’re on. Stop waiting on everyone else.

2. If you want something badly enough, you’ll find a way to work toward it.

3. You’re never too old. There is always time to learn something new, try something different, and be who you are meant to be.




What Does Your Heart Want?

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My heart is screaming loudly at me these days! And my mind has it’s own Edward Scissorhands boxing gloves on. Luckily, my heart is extremely resilient against bullies!

What is your heart telling you today that your mind isn’t? Which one are you listening to?

Mind-heart quote by thelunch_box

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Give Readers What They Didn’t Know They Wanted

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books store by shop boy w words


I read so often on industry blogs how we must obey certain rules when creating stories for our readers. Agents and publishers are often looking for certain “marketable” stories. If an acquisition editor can’t compare it to other successful stories or identify the specific bookstore shelf on which to place a story, they sometimes feel a bit lost and end up rejecting a well-written, perfectly told story that readers would have loved.

I’ve seen this happen. I have friends who have beautifully written stories stored on their computers waiting for a home. I know writers who didn’t sell stories because they were written in “the wrong time period,” were too different or couldn’t be placed in just one genre, or (my all-time favorite) had college aged characters. (Hello, New Adult!)

So, today I celebrate writers who published their “unmarketable” manuscripts despite rejection. I’m also celebrating writers who dare to step out in faith and write what’s on their heart—to write that story the reader didn’t even know she craved.

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Dream, Plan, Create

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Dream fragments and trails by ReaderWalker w words


Everything meaningful you do starts with a dream. But nothing happens unless you actually do. So, go forth and create!

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Photo Credit: ReaderWalker – Creative Commons