Things are moving so fast these days! Seriously fast! Shot in Darkness, an In Darkness novella, is in the final stages of production. This novella was written for a special anthology that will be available at the Romance Times Booklovers Convention. It is Book Four in the In Darkness series and will release in all formats on August 30, 2017 (unless you’re one of the lucky ones to receive it early at the RT Convention). I’m not kidding when I say: I LOVE THIS STORY. So much of Romeo is revealed in this novella. Also, Brooke comes face to face with some of her demons and must decide: Is love worth fighting for? Or must she set it free in order to protect it?


Intelligence analyst and former FBI special agent Brooke Fairfax is on the run. Not from anything sinister, but from her past. She’s hiding from Declan O’Roark after he proposed a question she simply wasn’t ready to answer. She finds solitude in Washington D.C. where she struggles to reconcile her feelings about her late husband and a possible future with Declan. Within hours, Declan tracks her down, desperate to save the relationship.

After establishing a tenuous truce, Brooke and Declan meet a suspicious man outside a Georgetown neighborhood bar. Terror begins to unfold just as Brooke realizes the man’s intentions. But what appears to be yet another random shooting spree turns out to be a highly targeted act. Brooke’s and Declan’s lives will be changed forever — if they’re lucky enough to escape.


This story is a thrilling, fast paced addition to the series, but do not underestimate it’s size. Though it’s shorter and will be priced less than the full-length novels in the series, it will packs a huge punch, and will be a must-read for lovers of Brooke’s and Declan’s story and anyone who wants a smaller taste of what this series is all about. And by the time you read this one, you’ll be begging me for Book Five.

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Exposed in Darkness – AVAILABLE NOW!

Cut in Darkness – AVAILABLE APRIL 4, 2017

Covered in Darkness – AVAILABLE AUGUST 1, 2017

Shot in Darkness – AVAILABLE AUGUST 31, 2017

(TBD) In Darkness Book Five – AVAILABLE JANUARY 2018

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