I thought I would share my post from Instagram Thursday, because it’s so adorable. And because it reminds me of how amazing I felt over the Christmas holiday when I let go of a lot of stress by celebrating the holiday with my family, participated in yoga (on the beach and off), and donated to saving the sea turtles when I participated in New Moon meditation on the beach at sunset on Captiva, Florida.

This photo and my reminder of how great I felt when I was able to do yoga every day for a week got me thinking… I promised myself I would take care of myself more in the new year. I mean, I’m in pretty good health already, but I do sometimes let the stress get to me. And I sit. A LOT. I was doing really well with my vow to do more yoga until I got this horrible head cold, that I’m convinced came straight from the devil. Have you ever tried to hold a Downward Dog with a head full of snot? Not a good idea.

But I’m feeling better now, so I’m going to get back at it. Do any of you practice yoga? Do you practice in a studio? Have a home practice? What type of yoga do you practice? I’m fairly new to yoga, but I really, really love it!

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