The Mindspeak trilogy is complete!

Lexi Matthews is after one thing. Revenge. But Sandra Whitmeyer has her own plans, and Jack’s life could be the cost.

Get Mindsurge, the final book in the Mindspeak trilogy now.


The Books


She was created for a purpose so revolutionary, someone was willing to kill for it.


An intruder has seized control of Lexi Matthew’s mind, putting those closest to her in grave danger.


Lexi Matthews is after one thing… Revenge.

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The Fabulous Friday Four

1. Street Team. What do you guys think of street teams? My lovely writer friends are always telling me I need a street team. Before I quit my day job to write full-time, I simply didn’t have the time it would take to start a street team. And now, I’m busy... read more

My favorite spot to think on the Oregon coast and watch the morning surfers while enjoying a large morning coffee.