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She was created for a purpose so revolutionary, someone was willing to kill for it. Read the Mindspeak trilogy today! Get the first in the series for FREE now!

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Did you think the Mindspeak series was complete? Think again. Because you asked for it, an exciting new Mindspeak story is coming this June. Be sure to sign up for Heather’s free newsletter to hear the minute it is released. Pre-order goes live May 1!

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Six years ago, the Samael Stain devastated our country, killing more than 99% of the population. Now, those who escaped the deadly virus the first time, face a resurgence of the unstoppable disease. Purchase Emerge today!

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Plotting a New Story: Some Thoughts

  A few notes off the top of my head about plotting… 1. I love that feeling you get when you look at the blank page and think of all the possible ways you can mess up your characters lives. Then, after you’ve put them in those horrible places, you work like... read more

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