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She was created for a purpose so revolutionary, someone was willing to kill for it. Read the Mindspeak trilogy today! Get the first in the series for FREE now! DOWNLOAD


Did you think the Mindspeak series was complete? Not so fast. Tracked is a companion novel filled with romance and suspense, set in the rain forests of Costa Rica. You will meet new characters, and enjoy some of your favorite characters from the other Mindspeak stories. BUY NOW

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Six years ago, the Samael Strain devastated our country, killing more than 99% of the population. Now, those who escaped the deadly virus the first time, face a resurgence of the unstoppable disease. Purchase Emerge today! BUY NOW

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Teen Takes Action On Sexist School Dress Code

We have a policy in our house: You don’t have to agree with the rules or laws that schools or our government has implemented, but you can’t complain about them unless you’re willing to do something productive in an attempt to change them. And…... read more

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